Pioneer anounces new DEH-P7400MP MP3 car radio

I just posted the article Pioneer anounces new DEH-P7400MP MP3 car radio.

CJay used our newssubmit to tell us that Pioneer has announced a new MP3 car audio system. It plays both MP3 and audio CD’s, has very good looks and has most standard radio functions on…

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I want one, I want one, I want one!!! This looks tasty!! mmm :slight_smile:

I’ve worked with this radio for a couple of days now, very nice. Another new model features a built in 10 gig HD i believe that the model number is the deh-P7400HDD

wow…this one is gonna be mine…

check out or for the NEO35 car MP3-player. That’s what I call cool stuff

Reaction by depee on Friday 14 December 2001 check out or for the NEO35 car MP3-player. That’s what I call cool stuff COOL STUFF ? with an HD in auto… i see clusters wasted in few time :frowning: CD rulezz :9

Big deal! I’ve had an AIWA CCD-MP3 player in my car for months now. All the same features as the pioneer, and, most likely, at half the price.

actually nazcaxp ive had my neo 35 in my car for over a year now with no problems at all. i have a 20 gig maxtor HD in it and have had no problems with skips in the car or when it is out of the car and docked in my pcs docking station. they are really great i suggest you check into them i drive down rough dirt roads alot and i figured that the shock would be what killed the HD but so far everything is just fine with it. i didnt do anything special to help absorb the shock just mounted it in my dash beneath my kenwood cdplayer. i really think that they are excelent much better than playing mp3 cds in your cd player. i mean with the neo you can copy other things besides music onto the hd and take them over to a friends house and trade music, programs, games or whatever, alot easy and faster than you could by burning cd`s.

oh yeah almost forgot, here is another link for the neo 35 i got mine here. if you ask them nice and tell them you know me maybe they will send your neo 35 system (with hard drive included) loaded with lots of mp3`s setup and ready to go, they sent mine with 2 gigs worth of music i thought that was pretty damn cool of them and they didnt charge me extra for it either. thought someone might appriciate that info. the site is

CD Rulez, ok, but I can take more than 500 CD’s ripped @192 in my car on 40Gig maxtor, no more hassles with changing CD’s. I have the Neo for about six months now and I never had trouble with it

MaD- Where did you see info on that Pioneer with the built in HD. I haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks