Pioneer announces new DVD-R(W) drive, the DVR-A05

I just posted the article Pioneer announces new DVD-R(W) drive, the DVR-A05.

On the Pioneer Europe website we can find a press release of Pioneer’s latest high-speed DVD-writer, the DVR-A05.

This new drive can write DVD-R media at 4x and DVD-RW media at 2x. Besides that…

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Well this announcement ain’t too shabby! 15mins to burn 4.7gb while having backward 16x CDR capability! Finally… DVD burners are ever-so slightly moving forward… Thank gawd I stayed away from the DVR-A04… was tempting but this is getting more palleteable.

Go to and search out Sony DRU500A in computers and peripherals.

Yep, I have a Sony DRU500A on order should be here in 2 weeks time. Does DVD-R @ 4x, DVD-RW @ 2x AND DVD+R/W @ 2.4x! And costs the same as the Pioneer A04 does. PS. Anyone wanna buy an A03 RPC1/ALL2x patched???

Frigging hippocrits complain about piracy but push out this hardware… I LOVE IT !!!..:7

Or get the NEC DVD-+RW that does both -R and +R at 4x :slight_smile:

Hypocrits? Pioneer has always been at the forefront of consumer rights. There has been a huge internal squabble at Sony between the high-tech unit and their content divisions.

At least, Pioneer are one of the few companies who haven’t got hooked on DRM :slight_smile: Unfortunately many companies such as Sony, Panasonic, Rio, Awia, etc. each have released some products implementing DRM.

Please God, make my choice of a HP dvd2001i nad its RW+/R+ not end up like my betamax video recorder that I use as a door (albiet A very LARGE Door) stop… Amen, Bobsen