Pioneer announces BDR-S08J 15x BD-R burner - many features too

I just posted the article Pioneer announces BDR-S08J 15x BD-R burner - many features too.

Pioneer has announced a new Blu-ray burner, the BDR-S08J which should become available in Japan, next month.

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Wanna bet 16x is around the corner?


Actually, the spec sheet on the Pioneer page states that the drive is SATA I. It will not require SATA III to burn full speed…

[QUOTE=tmc8080;2659849]Wanna bet 16x is around the corner?[/QUOTE]

7 Minute Abs! LOL.

IMO, based on the “ERROR” rates currently reported at 10-12x and the QUALITY of LTH media, do you really want to burn in the 14-16x range?!? It doesn’t make pratical sense yet… as much as the hype enables it to be tempting to become an early adopter…

And all for that low low $290 projected price… even HALF that would be only be viable in AppleLand.

That’s right next to Fantasyland, I think. Or is that now called SurfaceLand?

Does anybody know what are the DAE features on this one?

  • Accurate Stream?
  • No audio cache?
  • C2 error reporting?
  • HTOA?
  • Lead-in and lead-out overread?