Pioneer and Memory-Tech develop Blu-ray compatible 512 GB disc

We’ve just posted the following news: Pioneer and Memory-Tech develop Blu-ray compatible 512 GB disc[newsimage][/newsimage]

Japanese electronics giant Pioneer and Memory-Tech today announced they have jointly developed a high-capacity optical disc for data archiving with a capacity of 256 GB on a single side

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That’s s writing so awesome …

Optical media is dead?
Far from it.
People just don’t like Sony, drm, copy protections and constant cataloge title upgrades that are required between generations of media.

This is a huge increase in capacity, if not writing speed.
It will be interesting to see whether this takes off.

Also, the article didn’t mention whether existing bluray devices can read these disks.

I don’t think this will increase writing speed because it’s essentially just a bunch of bluray layers stacked on top of each other. But it’s a very good move especially since it can be read by ordinary bluray players with new firmware.

This is great news indeed.

If they can agree on a standard, all of the industry, this would be a important move to enable 4k (and on to 8k) movies in the future. But at present 4k is what we want. And another bonus would be to store multiple bluray, dvd movies all on one disc, instead of all the discs we have today.

So optical media is not dead, but for burning, I do not know. That might not be something for this new format. Currently according to information DVD-R is by far the best selling optical product. Bluray is far behind, but not when it comes to buying cheap movies and other stuff in the supermarket. There you can get cheap blurays. But burning your own discs, talk about lost data if a disc fails.

Besides mot people will stick to CD-R, DVD-R and some bluray for burning, why ?

Simple they do not need that extra space, and if you think about it, there is not that much really important data you need to (or want) to save anyway. Most value storage stability and other issues that they care about as the data that you save is important.

But this technology could just stay away from consumers, broadband with VOD, streaming, downloading and that stuff it probably how people will access content in the future. Renting movies is a minority market, and will probably die out in the future.

Only time will tell.