Pioneer A106 won't recognize DVD-r

Weird issues going on and i haven’t found it anywhere else…

I have a 2 year old A106 dvdr and have had no problems with it… burns dvds/cds fine…

but when i put the disc back in to look at the data i have backed up… the computer will not recognize the disc… .My Computer > only shows the drive… not the name of the disc… and if I click on it… just opens a blank window

Any thoughts ? its a shame… i have a large collection of MP3’s and old data that I fear might be lost…

Windows XP … Firmware 1.05

I’m sorry to bring such an old topic back to life, but I was searching via google and stumbled upon these exact same symptoms as I had been going through on a Pioneer A106. I believe I was on the same firmware and wondered if anybody else was going through similar problems (or whether they had already fixed it).

My 106 has 1.08 firmware and works fine. Perhaps it’s worth trying?

Alternatively you could try going into the device manager and deleting first all the drives on the IDE channels and then the IDE controllers themselves, then rebooting and letting Windows re-find the hardware and then after rebooting again, try re-loading your motherboard chipset drivers, just for good measure.

Hope something there helps,


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Cleaning the drive/lens can help in many cases, updating the firmware cannot magically resolve hardware issues.
Sometimes also the OS/driver setup is corrupted or malfunctioning because of 3rd party software like other burntools or Packet-Writing software…