Pioneer A09XLA pathetic dvd shrink encoding speeds?

i’ve had the drive for a while now, just recently i kind of noticed that when i encode dvd’s using dvdshrink on the main comp with the A09 the speeds are really pathetic in comparison to my other comp and a laptop which are both slower than the main comp. yet they encode at close to 5,xxx KB/s why with the A09 i’m getting around 1,5xx KB/s.

everything else seems to be in order. like the drive is running on udma 4 and the drive burns stuff just fine…

i’ve been getting the same encoding performance on all the official firmwares so to speak.

You should check your drive with the quitedriveutility from pioneer. maybee you have to change to performance mode.

Hmm, Do you mean ripping, to encode, cause you shouldnt encode staight from a drive, DVD2SVCD on site warns you that drives will get hot, rip to hdd then encode.

as well, ripping and encoding speed with the 109 and A09 depends very much on the DvD disc quality, encryption etc. eg., my 109 can barely rip Midnight Cowboy from original DvD, but my Sony D26A will rip it @ up to 12.6x

even analysing is way slow…

on my 1.6ghz P-M laptop it takes like a few mins to analyse and half an hour or so to encode…

while on my main comp with higher spec everything with the a09 it takes 45 mins just to analyse dvd’s and an hour and a bit to encode ?? is this supposed to be common or what ?