Pioneer A09XL(Retail) 16x DVD-+RW Drive Black $75.44AR



This is the lowest price I have seen for this drive…

At the price is 105.44 - 30 MIR = $75.44 Pioneer A09XL


what’s the difference between 109 and a09xl? thanks


Did you try a search? :confused:


Not sure how you meant your response. If you don’t know and it is a genuine question, no I haven’t used search. If you are trying to blow me off, I thought this was a forum where people conversed back and forth rather than going to a dictionary to search and find an answer . 90.% of the posts here are trivial back and forth responses. Is it that hard to give a couple of sentences about the differences?


Why is it snobbish cause I encourage you to start by helping yourself? :confused:


As you can see I tempered my response. If I presumed too much, I appologize and shame on me. If you’re just not wanting to give me the time, shame on you.


So did I. :eek:
I think you should start by helping yourself instead of high jacking a thread.
Good luck in your search. :slight_smile:

Getting back to the thread at hand.
sweetnamja if you can get way with just the drive Newegg has a good price.
DVR-109 BK = $58.99 and free shipping.


“I think you should start by helping yourself instead of high jacking a thread.”
What makes you think I haven’t already tried to help myself? Don’t know what you are talking about re high jacking, and you are a snob.


getting back to topic at hand - i would venture to say that the most complained about burner right now is the 109.
i got one and had to return it and have seen many posts with same problem.
you are better off getting the nec 3520 or benQ 1620.

also - will blow away amazon’s prices.


nytvd, thank you, but still don’t know the difference, do you? Thanks again


from what i know no difference - just A09 is the retail name and 109 is OEM name.


If I recall correctly when I researched this a few months ago, the A09XL has a different face-plate and noise-dampening hardware/software that the 109 does not have.


yes the a09 will definitely have a different faceplate - one that will say PIONEER and some other things on it while the OEM version will not.
regarding the noise dampening - i do not know

also the A09 might have some basic burning software and mounting kit.

the 109 will not have anything - not even the screws to attach it to the box… still worth it to save 40-50 bucks and get the OEM version of whatever brand you decide to get.


nytvd and innuendo—thanks!


Cause it obvious you didn’t up yourself!!! :eek:
First for your information its considered rude to high-jacking a thread.
When you ask a new question within an existing thread thats rude and called high-jacking. The right wait to do it is start a new thread.
Or better yet do a search.

Well I did one with the same words you used for question and guess what??? I found a BIG THREAD on it!!! Search for “difference between 109 and a09xl
So once again I say you didn’t help yourself. So next time try the search first it makes it easier for everyone. :slight_smile:



Thank you for standing up for the use of the “search” function within these boards - especially with fundamental and easy questions-



2 1/2 cheers for BM, eh?



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