Pioneer A09 XL, with buffalo 8.58, bit setting question?

Hey guys,

I have been reading many posts regarding this topic (thanks for the information CDFREAKS), and have some specific questions.

I bought the A09-XL a while back and put it in a USB/firewire enclosure. I was running the 1.58 firmware from pioneer until, I learnt that with the buffalo 8.58 the drive would automatically bit set. (As I understand it, it would make DVD+R and DVD+R DL into DVD-R and DVD-R DL formats, making the disks more compatible with stand alone players, and players that don’t support DL.) I recently flashed my drive (as its setup ie externally…thru USB) with buffalo 8.58 and backedup a dvd, which worked fine only on the A09 and not any other dvd player I have, including the ones on my laptop/and desktop. I was wondering what I did wrong. Do I need to do somethign else to enable the bit setting option?

I also came across a post regarding the difference between dvdrdm16iu2_fw858.exe and dvdrdm16fb_fw858.exe, but wasn’t on the difference between the two. I was hoping someone could explain the difference?

i appreciate anyones response. thanks.