Pioneer A09 @ v 1.58 + Nero 7.7.51 coasters

Hi guys,

I have owned a pioneer A09 for quite a while. Until a few weeks ago, I had to update the firmware to 1.58 in order to write to -DL media. Afterwards, I was able to burn 2 single layered DVD-Rs with out any problems.

A few days ago, I installed the latest version of alcohol to burn a mdf image onto -DL media. That burn failed. Then subsequent burns to single layer DVD-Rs keep checking out as bad. :frowning:

Nero says burns are completed successfully, but when doing a check using CDCheck, there are often files that can’t be read.

I am using RiTek DL, -R media. Also using some RiTek -RWs which has worked great in the past.

Any ideas?


Remove alcohol completely!

Also the choice of DL media is bad, very bad.

I got rid of alcohol, same problem.

Then i pulled the drive out, stick it in another computer, install the latest version of nero, same problem.

The odd thing is it’s ALWAYS the same files that have crc or read errors. :confused:

Installed imgburn to test burn an iso, verifed ok on a test -RW. Tested on another system with CDCheck and checked out ok.

Burnt onto a -R, verified ok. Did a CDCheck on the A09 and checked out ok. Stick it into another pionner dvd rom on another system, and bam CDCheck comes up with errors.

Don’t have access to alternative media at the moment.

The last 2 build of Alcohol do have a setting that can mess with some other burning apps , there is a setting you can uncheck to stop this in General/Emulation, it tells you as you uncheck/check box so you will find it, its there for a reason so I leave it unchecked until I need use Alcohol then uncheck when Im finished.

If you have ever installed a game with crappy Starforce protection that can be cause, it made me waste 12 dvd’s in a row a while back before I realised the issue.

ah, that must be why :smiley:

Have not installed any games or anything with starforce in the last 6 months.

Alcohol is off the system now. Currently using ImgBurn, which is alright so far. :slight_smile:

Will also be installing vista in the next few days, so we’ll see how it goes.

Are you sure, cause unistalling game does not remove the Starforce driver, its under hardware in device maanger, you can get a tool that they made to clean it called Starforce Cleaner.

hi humeyboy,

I meant that I have not installed any games on this system for the last 6 months or so :smiley:

Cool, well so long as no Starforce games have been on your PC on the current install of windows, I just found out my removal tool was old and the new one asks to remove Starforce driver so I must have some crap left over.