Pioneer A09 or LG4163b! HELP!


i have 2xNEC3500 and I am very satisfied with them, but necessary of + 3 drives… I am in doubt between PIONEER A09 , LG 4163b and 4164b Generally use the following midias:

  • Ritek G04, G05 (Ridata)
  • MXL-R02 (Maxell)
  • OPTODISCR002 (Samsung)
  • Prodisc002 (Smartbuy)
  • GSC003 (Dr.hank)
  • TY02 (Panasonic)

in the speed 4x and is very good quality with 3500… which of these 2 recorders recommend to me

Pioneer A09 = $65
LG 4163b = $50
LG 4164b = $51

What this is the best , i

I would go for the LG GSA-4163B, which also has DVD-RAM support.
If you don’t use it get the GSA-4164B which don’t has DVD-RAM support.
If the prices are equal … GSA-4163B.

You could also go for the LG GSA4176B (just released and available) or wait for the Pioneer 110 (will be released soon).

Might consider the 109OEM/1640/3540.

I don´t use DVD-RAM for its unseless

Out of the drives you mentioned, I’d recommend the same as namoh did.

I find a lot of uses for DVD-RAM, but in any case, I would not choose either of the drives you are considering and I own both.

You might consider the Liteon 1693. It would add bitsetting, neither LG or Pioneer do that easily, and it would also add quality scanning and fast ripping. I don’t use any of your media, but for the 5-7 types I have tested, the 1693 comes as close to my 3500 as I can get. Of course you can also consider the 3520. Comparisons I have run show it is very close to the 3500 as well.

The only ones that I found for here, had been these:

NEC3520 ----- $50
Pioneer 109 – $67
BenQ 1610 — $43
BenQ 1620 — $44
LG 4163b ---- $50
LG 4164b ----- $51

I will use 3 them for burn backup games

I heard to speak that BenQ 6120 has an excellent quality of writing, however heard to say that it dies well early…

i need 3x drives to record in great amount…so i dont no if a 6120 is a good choice :frowning:

Hmmm, so the Benq 6120 is a 61x speed burner, unlike the 1620 which is the old 16speed burner :stuck_out_tongue: (tounge firmly in cheek)

For burning backup games, you are much better off with a CDR/RW drive. If you want to use a DVD writer, you need a 2-sheep burner. Those include, Plextor, Pioneer, Lite-On, Toshiba, and LG. There may be others, but those are the ones I’m familiar with.

I found this burner

TOSHIBA SD-R5372 16X BLACK… $50,00

Im doubt in Pioneer 109, NEC3520 and BenQ 1620: ( help me…

I will go to use burn dvd-r in mass and to record 3 dvd of a time …if this is possible

The Benq 1640 is also a great drive from what I’ve seen so far. They’ve got it now at

When you say burn in mass, how many dvd’s are we talking?

3,4,5 for more…

I thinking about mounting a duplicator with 5 burners (109, 3520 or 1620)… but I do not know iits really a good ideia $$$ . I find that in a PC 3 dvds of a time the burn quality its not good because buffer …

My choice would be the 3520. I own the other drives as well but that drive is a reliable quality workhorse.

Absolutely agree with chas0039, go for the 3520. I owned 3 BenQ 1620’s at one point and sold all three of those f***ing drives (nothing but problems) and replaced them with 3520’s and have been extremely happy with them. Last time I looked, Newegg had a deal for the beige OEM for $41.00 shipped.

Good Luck with your decision

Thx , i will buy i 3520 or Pioneer 109 , my 2x NEC3500 its perfect…:smiley: