Pioneer A09 and DVD+R


I have a pioneer A09 burner. It’s error when it burns disc images DVD+R, if burns data is no problem, but if what I burn it is an image (for example a copy on the flight with alcohol 120) does not show error message, but the resulting disc is ilegible even for the own A09. I think the problem is that it does not close the disc. At this moment I have firmware 1.58 but I have put the 1.40 and the buffalo firmware and the problem always is the same one. I have placed it like master and slave, and the continuous problem. The problem is only with DVD+R disc, whit DVD-R, DVD+RW or DVD-RW no problem.
Some suggestion?.


What is the media code of your disks? Sounds like a media problem…

Philips and verbatim

Could be also Alcohol. Is it the latest version? Tried with DVDDecrypter too?

Same problem with Alcohol, DVDDecripter, Nero and ONES.
With my pioneer A07 and my NEC 3540 no problems, but with a pioneer A10 I have the same problem.

Then it’s a DMA glitch, either the software/config or the IDE cable. I would replace the IDE cable to start with…

Thanks for the answer, but I have tried with nec and the A07 in the same position that the A09 and no problems. I have 2 computers, also I have placed the A09 in the other computer and the problems are the same.

The A09 and 110 have an UDMA4 Host-Controller Interface, the others you mentioned have UDMA2.
That’s they key here, I think.

Then, do you think that I must replace IDE cable?
How can I change DMA2 to DMA4? Now I cannot verify it, but I remember that I have DMA2.

Thank you very much for the help, and sorry for my bad english

Look at the stickys on this!

You will need to check your bios settings
update your BIOS
mobo drivers
device manager see if umda 4
80 pin cable

And chef we need a trouble shooting sticky if there is not one already on the forum.

But then we would not need to do posts! :sad:
Skip that idea!LOL

Correct, seems to be the inevitable task to do…
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