Pioneer A09 A10 RPC-1 patched FW by Dangerous Brothers!

Pioneer DVR-A09XL RPC1 1.58

Pioneer DVR-110D RPC1 1.22

Thanks to The Dangerous Brothers :clap:

Is this right RPC-1.
Links don’t do a lot and I can’t find it on the site.

Go here to download:

Nice one cheers.
All done and shows as RPC-1.
Well done Dangerous Bros. :bow:

have you guys tried flashing your A09 using DVRUpdate.exe? Or you patched i with the provided updater?

Having flashed my 110D to f/w v1.22 last week, flashing it to TDB’s RPC1 f/w 1.22 is still not possible… it may take a few days for a valid patcher though…

All in all, The Dangerous Brothers has done it again :slight_smile:


Used DVRUpdate to flash my A09XL. All worked fine first time.

Thanks rover220, now my A09 is RPC-1,too.

Very nice indeed! So may I ask what features this has over the A09 FW?

None except RPC-1.
That’s what the majority always wanted…

i wonder booktype change is possible too?

It’s not, ONLY with an OEM firmware eg. from PIODATA or BUFFALO.
Adding Bitsetting is a task that takes too much time & effort…