Pioneer A07XL or NEC 2510A?




Need a new burner but I’m stuck with both of these…

I mostly use Ritek G04s and I’ve heard of many problems with them and the NEC. The DL thing isn’t important for me just yet, I’ll buy a drive for that next year when the speed increases…

I’ve used a NEC 2500A and it was quite good and burnt me data disks at 8x but does the Pioneer give a better quality on the G04s or not?

Price isn’t a factor as they are the same price…


Also, since this isn’t going to be a Lite-On, how can I measure PI/P0 errors??


There’s a new CD speed out that can do just that. I got fairly similar results in Kprobe and CDspeed, so I guess it’s reliable. Sticking to Kprobe if I can though.