Pioneer A07-XLA Causes Small Artefact On Burned Discs


I have recently purchased a new Pioneer A07-XLA and have just noticed that on every disc I have burned with it there is an artefact or “hole” in the same place on every disc, it is like the dye has been left unburned, it does not seem to affect the quality or playback of the disc however I am sure that this is not normal. Has anyone ever had the same thing with this drive or any other?

I have attached a picture which really doesn’t show it very well but you can see the dot.


i have also experienced this with my lite-on 832, however k probe scans and the playability of the disc were both still excellent…

I have now discovered that this artefact is specific only to a certain media type, the (probably fake) MXL RG01 that I purchased from eBay.

This Artefact looks like a Error in the Dye Layer of the DVDR.

Stay away from DVDR like this.