Pioneer A07 which app for burning .img files?



Hey all

None of my burning apps can detect my new Pioneer A07, except Nero which doesn’t burn .img files.
Does anyone know what app will burn .img files AND detect the A07/107?

I used to use STOMP recordNow! but it won’t detect, and the only sonic that does (recordnow 7.0) won’t write .img files.

Many thanks in advance



If’s it’s a DVD movie image you can use CloneDVD 2.

If it’s not, you can just rename the .IMG file to .ISO and use Roxio/Nero/Alcohol/etc in most cases.


Record now max 4.5 with sonic 507 px engine should work fine.


Nero will burn an img (sometimes).

In Nero, click on the Recorder menu and select Burn Image …

Change file type in the drop-down menu from the default Image Files (*.nrg; .iso; .cue) to All Files (.) and select your *.img file.

(You may find a ‘Foreign file’ menu pops up with some options on; if so, it’s fairly straightforward to deal with it).

OTOH, you could just rename the *.img to *.iso and burn it that way. If renaming doesn’t work, change it back to do it the other way; alternatively, if that doesn’t work, open the *.img with the app Magic ISO and burn or extract from there.


I used to have recordmax, alc, nero and dvddecrypter installed.

Now I have only one, PRASSI ONES. it support every image, and it talk direct to firmware, so all new burners are autodetected with no problem.
No additional engines, files, updates required.

They offer a 60 day trial on their software, and if you wanna buy it, its cheap as well, 15-20 euro depends where you live.

Worth a try if you ask me. They convinced me for sure

I think the url is, but im not sure, its in the PRASSI IS BACK thread.


I d/led the trial and it doesn’t seem to like .img, but I pretty much use Daemon Tools to mount everything now then do an on the fly copy.

Since I posted in this thread I’ve had a few problems with weird .img’s bigger than the data they contain resulting in a coaster. Mounting them seems to be the best way to go so you can check images, volume names and playback out first.

I don’t recommend renaming or converting or using Nero for that matter :stuck_out_tongue: