Pioneer A07 problem

the discs that were made by the burner cannot be read (including dvd-rom and playstation) no matter which dvd-r I have tried.

CD-rs do not work either

Has anybody encoutered the same problem? Please help! :bow:
Thank you :bow:

what brand of discs ru using??

for dvd-r
I have tried tons of it with media code aml (not famous but proven to work well on my ps2)

for cd-r
I have tried to backup mp3 discs by using a japanese brand e-blue, but only one disc out of may be 7-8 discs works

Try a couple more brands just to eliminate the possibility of bad media.

is there any reason why bad media doesn’t work?

The cheaper media usually uses cheaper dye/less dye in the process in order to cut costs - hence why they are cheaper.

As a general rule of thumb, good media has a much darker purple than the cheaper media - giving you a deeper and more reliable burn.

Can playstation (mode: 30000) read dvd-rw?

It depends. How old is that model? I think the newer models sold here in Australia have printed on the boxes that they read them. However my brother’s ps2 (model 39002) will only play dvd+rw. But they play very well.

I bought my PS2 two years ago and I’m not sure what model it is, but it plays DVD-R’s with no problems.

My only gripe is that it can get the aspect ratio right - Widescreen plays as fullscreen not matter what setting I change - it does this to commercial DVD’s aswell. Lucky I don’t use it as a DVD player :wink:

You sure about this hastey? I borrowed my brothers ps2 to make sure burnt movies would play ok on it. Apart from crappy load and seek times, it works alright, and widescreen movies play widescreen on this model.

However, you can get a standalone dvd player with many more features, for the cost of a ps2 dvd remote. Now that’s a con for sure.

Could be just my model, not sure… but I can never get it to play widescreen :sad: