Pioneer A07 only records at 1.5X

I have a big problem, my recorder only records at that Speed … 1.5X

Any idea how solve it?

Thx in advice :iagree:

I am using Nero could be that the problem?

Most likely problem is that DMA is not enabled.

And yes - you need the latest version of nero for the pioneer to be fully supported.

I will install the latest Nero version, the problem with DMA is difficult because my Windows XP dont have the Advance Configuration section in Secondary IDE Channel config :eek:

I think is because i have installed some special IDE bus mainboard drivers (i have an ASUS P4S533 board with Sis chipset)

Thx, and any other suggestion (about WHY my Advance settings section not in IDE channels are)


you may try uninstalling the sis IDE drivers and use only the M$ ones included with the operating system.