Pioneer a06

Is this drive any good? How does it compare to the sony dru 510? Which one would you recommend?

Unlike the PIONEER A05 the PIONEER A06 does both formats
i have the SONY DRU500AX and its very good but there is some problems burning at the recommended speed on some discs (RITEK 4X for example) the PIONEER however burns to this media at 4x no problem
this is my own opinion only but if i had the chance again id probably go with the pioneer
(someone will probably post after this and say they have burned 100s with the sony no problem)
but thats the way it is with the dvd writers some have problems and some dont
If you only want a -r writer go for the pioneer a05 as they are on sale at 2 sites i know for under £100

I did notice the sony does faster cd writing and also 4xDVD+RW though. I had a feeling the pioneer might have better media comtatibility, has anyone else found this?