Pioneer A06 won't ready any cd

Hi all,

Just purchased the Pioneer A06 and having all sorts of trouble with it. It doesn’t recognise any cd/dvd that I put in the drive. Any help would be appreciated. The drive is being recognised as ‘PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-106D’ so everything looks ok there. I had burning software installed on my pc (Nero, CloneCD) but I removed all that in the hope it fixed the problem but still no good.
I have the drive running as secondary master. It is running the firmware that it came with which is 1.06. I have tried the drive both in PIO mode 4 and Ultra DMA Mode 2

I hope I don’t have to make a trip down to the store to return it.
Any help would be really appreciated.

i guess a trip back to the shops is in order.

i tried to search for some info on the net but couldn’t find anything. the drive is also doing something else a bit unusual, ejecting the discs which come out on the tray still spinning. scratches the hell out of the discs !!!

took it back, got it replaced and now i’m burning. gotta be happy with that.

thanks for your help fatty

my pleasure fatty.


have fun with this one. you’ll love it.

-> I do :smiley:

thanks theEye.

i am hoping to get a capture card soon as well so i can convert my analog vhs-c camcoder tapes to dvd and turn them from the dull and boring to home movie masterpieces !!!

managed to make a backup of my first dvd today without any problems what so ever. having fun already.