Pioneer a06-u firmware trouble

I’m sorry if i’m the one millionth person to post this, but I’m having some trouble and could really use some help.

Everything was fine, I used my pioneer a06-u and burned plenty of Fujifilm DVD+R’s at 2.4x (i think it is, it doesn’t even say on the spindle), but anyways those burnt fine and then the other day I got some Memorex DVD-R 4x DVD’s and I was using ulead dvd workshop to make cool menus and stuff and then when i tried to burn using the 4x, uh-oh it says my computer is either busy or does not have enough memory to burn the supported speed. the computer I have right now is
pentium 4
1024mb ddr pc3200 ram
windows xp pro

On the memorex spindle it came with this thing that said firmware was required for some pioneer drives, but mine wasn’t listed so i didn’t upgrade, but when i got the error i quickly checked some forums and downloaded a this file labeled 73813268DVRA06_FW108.exe firmware, i installed it, restarted, and the 4x still don’t burn, and now whenever i burn the 2.4x fujifilm, all the menus are messed up like links don’t work, and links that are suppose to lead to another menu don’t and it goes back to the dvd player menu… OMG please help!!!11

Well, the problem is not related to the drives firmware at all so you don’t have to mess around with that anymore.

The problem could be caused by the media or more likely, the burning software. Have you checked into whether or not there is an update available for the Ulead software?

No i didn’t check for ulead, but the thing is that i’ve burned on dvd+r discs before and everything came out fine, and then i did the firmware upgrade and now all the menus get messed up, and it doesn’t play any of the videos

Can someone please help me?