Pioneer A06 or Sony 510A?



Having read the reviews, peoples posts I have narrowed my choice to :

Sony 510A
Pioneer A06

I currently have a Plextor CD-RW 16x24x8 in a Shuttle XPC, thus only allowing me one 51/4 inch drive.

The tasks i will use are as follows:

  1. Backup my DVD collection
  2. Play my backup collection and orginals
  3. Backup my games including latest released ones
  4. General use

With the tasks in mind, which would be the best choice and why?

I apolgise for yet anther A06 / 510A thread



Hi there, welcome to our forum :slight_smile:

Both drives can do the tasks you are describing above.

If you’d do a search on our forum on these two drives, you’d find tons of information, regarding the goods and the bads of both drives.

I’d go for the Pioneer, as it’s as good as the Sony is but it costs less. What I heard from some people, is that the -R part of the Pioneer drive is way better than the -R part of the Sony drive. If you want to use -R media (some older DVD players prefer -R media, same goes for consoles), the Pioneer is definetively the best choice.

As I said before, do a little searching and reading around and you’ll know what to do…


I kinda read this forum like a month 'cause I wanted to research about 106 [A06]. Well, I just ordered it from newegg for 205.99 Free ship. Why? Well, I was unable to find any negative info on this drive. Well, some people bitch about that it will be Pioneer’s first + drive and who knows how it will perform, other than that, no bad sides. So, I will not be afraid and get the drive. Remember, Pioneer was the first to create Laser Disc while all other Sony and other companies where playing with tapes. I believe that Pioneer is a mature company and that it makes great products. …and sells them cheaply, not like Sony.


I just recently bit the bullet and ran w/ the 510a currently it is “ON SALE” at Best Buys and similar stores for 279 out the door plus the $30 mail in rebate bringing it down to 250. is this in response to the A06? Most likely That’s what I like about there being many similar types of products on the market, competition… also just recently released is the IOMEGA Super DVD writer which acctually does “all formats” inclluding DVD-RAM.

My experiance w/ Sony’s 8mb 510a Beast? is a positive ***** 5 stars.

Recently purchased - DVD-R 1x, 4x media all tests so far are positive

also purchased some DVD+RW 2.5x media no problems burning at that speed either. and the results again are positive.

I am unsure how much the 8mb cache is really helping me out on my system but I’ve yet to burn a coaster as DVD -/+or CDR

The software I’ve been using is Nero 6 and Padus Disc Juggler