Pioneer A06 or Sony 510A?

Hey,Capt. C,have you tried taking the unit back for an exchange,this one seems faullty before you opened the box…:rolleyes:

Plextor has them both beat!!!

With ref to my earlier post I contacted Sony UK customer support Friday 12 Sept explained problem and was told to return product. I was told that it would be collected by DHL on Monday 15 and sure enough they were here at 10am. I was also told a 5 to 10 day turnaround so we shall have to see how good they are to their word. I did ask the operative if this fault was a known problem he wouldn’t confirm yes or no. I shall keep u all informed.

I, too, have had problems with my Sony DRU510a. Big problems.

I have tried everything i can think of and still cannot get it to work on my system. See below (KT266A)

Initially, as a Primary Slave, the dvd burner read data and appeared in Device Manager. Then, for no reason, after a re-boot, the burner was not visible in Device Manager.

Still as primary slave, disabled DMA in BIOS for that channel and enabled PIO mode 2. It would read data, but not burn. Then, it disappeared from device manager.

Went through the same situation as Secondary master and secondary slave - DMA enabled and disabled and also in PIO mode.

Eventually, the burner would not read or write anything. Got an error window saying, “E:/ drive error, incorrect function”. Have researched this, cleaned out registry for relevant/irrelevant drivers to no avail.

The only thing it would do properly, was eject.

Is it a VIA thing? Or an IRQ steering thing? Or an ASPI/APIC/PnP OS thing?

(However, i know the drive is NOT faulty as it works on my other PC - diff mobo + P4 + win2kPro)

Sorry, aint we comparing apples with pears ?

I fail to see how sombeody can say the AO6 is better, price issues aside, when the 510a has a 8 Mb cache and 4x RW speed compared to the AO6 at 2 Mb and 2x RW max speed…

If u can afford it, why not go for the 510A, I did… have no complaints.

Originally posted by DoctorCd
I fail to see how sombeody can say the AO6 is better, price issues aside, when the 510a has a 8 Mb cache and 4x RW speed compared to the AO6 at 2 Mb and 2x RW max speed…

Well that’s quite easy: it’s what matters to you. If you hardl/never use RW discs, you’ll probably don’t care about the max RW speed. Same goes for the buffer, if your system is fast enough, the 2MB buffer is fine…

It’s just what you care about… some things that do matter, for all of us, are the different writing qualities of the drive (on different types of media)…

Hey Dee-Ehn,

Of course, what matters is correct, but for the same money (I know its not a correct assumption) why would you accept a lower standard just in case one day you may want to use RW disks ? or that one day you may have a need for an 8Mb buffer when your computer gets a little older…

If you can show me that the A06 writes a better quality than the 510a, then I’ll listen, but as we both know, the definition of “write quality” is more of an art than a science, since there are so many variables…

I agree that what works for you works… if you read the first line of my post you will see that really we both agree that such a comparison is pointless… its just “what you care about”. So maybe that the answer to the original question in this thread is just to buy what you need… :cool: … there’s clearly no answer to “which one is best ?”. :bigsmile:

I picked up the Sony DRX510UL, same drive only external. Even being really new to DVD I have been able to burn (backup) over 50 movies with the help of Clone DVD, CopytoDVD, AnyDVD and good old DVDShrink. Only 3 coasters thanks to a bad Video driver which caused the system to die and restart but since updating the driver this Sony drive has not let me down has read and burned everything I have thrown at it. Now if I could only decide on the software combination to purchase.


For now, I prefer Pioneer DVR-A06.

although i have a DRU-500AX, i agree with Kenshin… :stuck_out_tongue:

For now, I prefer Pioneer DVR-A06.

although i have a DRU-500AX, i agree with Kenshin

sure, but why ? I mean, personal taste ? Write quality ? Media compatibilty ? Because it makes disk that that can be read by their DVD player ?

People reading this thread are trying to make up their minds whether they should buy a Pioneer A06 or a Sony DRU-510a. Presumably they have not decided yet which is why they are reading this, to make their own judgement on other’s experiences. In my case, I could find nothing to suggest that the performance of the Pioneer was better, so went with the better specs. Simple as that.

So far, the drive has performed to my expectations, not a coaster yet.

RW speed was particularly attractive to me and might be to anybody concerned about the high cost of media at present, the 8mb buffer was less of an issue.

With ref to my earlier posts I said I would keep you posted.
Well true to their word Sony have just delivered my drive back to me within 10 working days as promised. So nice one Sony UK! Looks like my drive must have been knackered as they have sent me a replacement as opposed to a repair. However I havent got it installed yet so fingers crossed :bigsmile:

to make up my mind, Sony or Pioneer, Pioneer or Sony. Your posts were kinda helpful and I was ready to buy Sony but then I went to Costco and just played with one of their Sony Vaio PC’s with DVD-RW. You know what I found out with Device Manager? Pioneer 105!!! So I am back to research level. Help!

I noticed that too,why would Sony use a Pioneer in it’s top of the line VAIO PC’s???
Then I thought,if they used their own brand it might ‘drive’ (pun intended) up the price of something that’s already thru the roof…:cool: So in conclusion,if Sony uses Pioneer,and obviously depends on them,this may help you make your own decision…:cool: Like I tell everyone here,go to ,and see what the going rate is those highly respected,low priced burners…:bigsmile: Good Luck

Better still go here
Third from the top,that is if you don’t mind OEM