Pioneer A06 or Sony 510A?

Trying to figure out which drive is the best to go with right now. Anyone have any comments on these two drives. I know there are speed differences that seperate the two, but I was wondering which drive gave more problems.

hmm your poll seems to be for which is the best drive to buy? but then if you read more you ask which gave the most trouble,

so what did I just vote for :slight_smile:

I say buy the Pioneer,

I wonder how Pioneer’s DVD+R(W) implementation will perform, as it is their (public) first…

That said, I somehow feel that if I had to buy one of these two drives, without having read any reviews at all, I’d probably go for the Sony… just because they have more experience with DVD+R(W). As it seems like DVD+R(W) is growing bigger and bigger (while the share of -R(W) is decreasing), the implementation of this technology is important to keep in mind when buying a multiformat writer.

Had so much trooble with the DRU-500A burning @4X and such a bad support from Sony that I personally will never ever buy anything from Sony again, so go for the Pioneer because I can’t not even stand the logo of Sony anymore.


i just buy the A06 (bulk) as my first DVD Writer. Didn’t wrote
much, but all i try works perfectly in my Pioneer DV-350. I have
used cheap DVD+RW and DVD-RW.



Does anyone know id the 106 will give me system compatability issues?

Have a 510UL and it’s worked great.

SONy DRU510!

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Have a 510UL and it’s worked great.

And the price differential to the 106?

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And the price differential to the 106?

Picked mine up from for $299 after $30 MIR. $240 for the 06. $60 bucks is more than worth it for the increased speeds and the fact that it’s an external.

i guess so but i think ill wait for prices to drop further
btw what are the write speeds for both?

Originally posted by shuebhussain
i guess so but i think ill wait for prices to drop further
btw what are the write speeds for both?

With 1000+ posts you got to be really ignorant, not knowing the speeds. I think everyone does know.

It would be nice when everybody here mentions his/her motivation, for picking/trashing a certain drive… that’d really contribute to the thread :wink:

Originally posted by TexasGuy
With 1000+ posts you got to be really ignorant, not knowing the speeds. I think everyone does know.
My bad i guess. I have been away from these excellent fora for a while though, in my defence.

There seems to be a lot of bias towards the Pioneer, the A06 is similar to the Sony only that the Sony 510a has an 8mb of cache, I’ve purchased some cheap DVD-R and DVD+RW media on diffrent speeds from 1x to 4x and I have had ZERO issues…

so other than the price because of the 8mb of cache I don’t see the major prefrence to pioneer… hmmm

many people say - writing is better on the pioneer than sony (i dont have a sony- so i cant compare)

My sony dru500ax has some writing speed issues (ritek 4x writes at 2x latest firmware changed the drive around master to slave etc etc but no solution as yet)
I see someone has flashed this drive now with liteon firmware and had some sucess with the speed issue
but to early to tell yet…

I would go for pioneer if i could choose again…for the above reason plus the fact sony dont want to know

I had the first version of the Sony (DRU-500A) since 10/15/02,and once I got the right firmware,Ive been burning my ass off. But the minus blanks have been harder,and harder to find. The blanks that agree time after time,are the Memorex 4x
that are $50 for a spindle of 25,and those are the only ones i get to burn consistantly at 4x…:confused: These are the ones that would work with the majority of players I use…

I bought this drive only a few weeks ago and now I’m having nothing but problems with it. The drive becomes inactive ie: you can’t even open drawer, light stays on and the drive disappears from the system. only way to get system to see drive is by physical removal and replacement of it. Even then there’s no telling how long before it disappears again. It appears to be happening more frequently.
I upgraded to firmware 1.0c and have changed eide slots and cables around, any hardware occupying the cable or port vacated by the DRU510 works fine. Have tried contacting Sony tech support online but as yet no joy. Does n e 1 else have same problem with this or any other drive.
If I find anything out I will keep you posted, am gonna try phoning 2morrow.

hmmm, i wonder why opinions on the Sony drives split into two… i have a DRU-500AX and not had a problem with it yet. i’ve only used Taiyou Yuden, TDK, and Fuji film medias. i bought a generic no brand media, which supported 4x, however the drive never burned at that speed… i guess that’s one problem i’ve encountered so far. i’d like to fix that but i do have the latest firmware anyways…

as to which drive to buy, between the Sony and Pioneer drive, i don’t know… :frowning: i agree with OneCDnDVDFreak mostly. i guess budget is the only thing that may be the concern?? i bought the DRU-500AX earlier this year because that was the only drive that allowed dual format burn. :stuck_out_tongue: