Pioneer A06 DVD+R Weird Problems

Hi, i recently buyed a Pioneer A06 retail version and i was able to burn a -R disc with no problems but as for some set top DVD player need DVD +R i burned the same image to a +R disc just to find it wont play on 3 different settop DVD’s i tested on.

Please someone help me because i need to burn to DVD+R.

I have not tried the firmware update because i read about some people trashing their drives with that update to 1.07.

Also i wish to know if DVD+RW can be read on set top DVD players or on wich ones.

Thank you very much, any advice will be much appreciated.

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What media are you using ?

I used to write pengos with an HP200i with no problem.

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All I can suggest is to try some different media - Maybe the Pioneer does not like the pengos (what ever they are - lol)

Thank you very much WIld_Bill, in part of the globe where i live is very hard to find nice brand media like TDK or Maxxel but i am going to see if i can get other brand at least Bervatim’s and ill let you know.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards.