Pioneer A06 / 106D +R warning

I want to warn you about a problem occuring between the Pioneer DVR-106D and Fujifilm or Philips DVD+R. The copy process (CloneDVD) works fine but, at the end, the DVD+R is unreadable, even in the burner. I tried this with 3 different Pioneer units, with the burner as single drive also, but no success. I tried to burn a DVD for backup purpose, using Nero, and it worked, so it is not a compatibility problem between the burner and the medium. I can, however, make a copy with CloneDVD on a DVD-R (Princo and Sony successfully tried) on the same system and it works fine.
I used DVD2one: same problem, but more explicit: after burning the DVD2one files to the DVD with Nero, I was able to watch the movie, but NOT until the end. Player AND PC DVD are not able to reach the end of the movie!
The guys at Elby told me they’ve heard that from others.
Pioneer “support” told me they never heard about that.
THERE IS, obviously, a compatibility problem with +R media AND videos DVD with that unit.
I use, at home, a Nec without any problem.

My advice: keep away from that drive, buy Nec 1300A or Sony DRU-510.

At last someone else who has had the same problems.

I have produced 6+ toasters trying to burn a DVD (produced by Ulead 7 and Ulead 6 from original VHS tape). Ulead 6/7 works fine when using DVD+RW, but either throws an error or produces an unreadable disc when using DVD+R media. I have tried copying a DVD, written on DVD+RW media using Ulead, to a DVD+R disc using Nero 6 disc copy . A disc is produce without errors but it is unreadable on the same drive. What going on !

I have not yet tried DVD-R media

Can anybody help ?

I think it´s because of your model of pioneer. I have de model D instead of RD and no problem…

Same here. 106D - no problem with Fujifilm +RW or +R. Using Nero and TMPGenc DVD author.

I also have 106D, and have no problems whatsoever.

What is 106RD? Whats the difference?

DVR-106RD’s are OEM drives.

Thanks for comments -I have upgraded the firmware to change it from Pioneer 106RD to Pioneer 106D (rev 1.07 firmware) and tried a branded (Memorex) DVD+R. It appears to work fine now. Also tried Memorex DVD-R and that works fine also. I think it was probably the media (cheap brands purchased in Hong Kong named “Team5” and “Newcom” - I will bin these !)

I have a 106D. No problem with burning so far but some problem with erasing CD-RW and DVD+,-RW. Some times the disc was erased ‘successfully’ but un-writeable after all. I have wasted 2 dvdrw and 1 cdrw in the first week of use. Anyone has this problem? Is this a firmware or disc issue?