Pioneer A05 Question



Will the Pioneer A05 burn X8 media at X4 and X4 RW media at X2 fine ??? im asking as i remember something about A03 could’nt burn X4 media.

Dont know what firmware my A05 has, have change the fireware from what it was when i bought it.


There was an issue with the 104 and “high speed” media when 4x first appeared on the market. There was a firmware update that had to be applied to avoid damage to the drive and media. I don’t recall that issue with the 105, and I have burned 4x and 8x on my 104 just fine. Fine except for the 2x max writing speed for the 104 that is. Hope this helps.


You’ll get problems with some RW 4x rated media.

Please read:


Thanks, glad i asked now. So if i upgrade my writers firmware from version 1.00 to 1.33 a may be able to write at X2 to X4 RW media as the change log says DVD-R/RW Writability Improvement.Maybe i’ll just get a X2 and X4 RW .

Upgrading the fireware wont do any damage will it…? never upgraded a drives fireware before.So all i do is run the DVR105_FW133B.EXE and it will upgrade it.


It should work that easily if the drive is connected to the internal IDE controller, no media present and the flashing will not be disturbed.

Good Luck!


OK, thanks. But will upgrading the firmware actually let me write to X4 RW media, if not i may not bother upgrading the firmware.Or does the firmware improve the burning capabilitys of the drive that much.

Thanks for your help.


Just check the links I posted above …