Pioneer A05 burns freeze towards the end of movie

– As this is my first post on the forum please excuse my ignorance –

I’ve been a happy owner and user of a Pioneer A05 (oem) for about a year and recently it stopped burning discs properly.

Let me describe the scenario

I rip a DVD on seperate drive
decrypt it using DVD Decryptor
Resize it using DVD2ONE
Burn it using Nero Express 5

DVD Media - USDM

I’ve been using this method to burn over 200 disks. I’ve never had any problems and my movies play on every player I’ve tried.

Now all of a sudden the movies I rip/burn are crashing towards the end of the movie, or skipping towards the beginning. The most common problem is the movie freezes 3/4 of the way through or doesnt play at all. I have no idea when this started or why.

Here’s what I did to try and remedy the problem

Wipe hard drive using ioscrubber
Upgrade to WinXp (was on Win2K b4)
Download latest DVD Decrypter
Download latest DVD2ONE
Update to latest Nero 5 versions
Buy new blank DVD-R’s (same brand)

So does this burner have a lifecycle or something - ie after X number of burns it just stops working proper? Time for a new drive or firmware or what? I’ve killed so many blank DVDs Im open to just about anything at this point !

Thanks in advance for your help !


I have the same drive. I had a similar problem with the previous pioneer model… and NOTHING I did could solve it–and Pioneer tech support was typical–it was everybody’s fault but theirs.

Anyway, here are a few suggestions:

Upgrade the firmware, if possible.
SLOW DOWN the burn speed to 2x or 1x and see if it works right.

And, remember, these things do “die”. My first A05 lasted 3 months…

Good luck, but a dvd-r funeral may be in your future :frowning:

Freezing near the end of a disc is in 90% of the cases caused by low quality/cheap media.

My suggestion is to try better media like: ritek, mitsubishi, maxell, taiyo yuden and so.

Thanks for the replies. My thought is that it is more likely a “dead” burner than bad media. Figured I would ask here first however before jumping to any conclusions.

I’ve been using USDM media for about 4 years now and swear by it. I’ve never had a problem before so I hesitate to blame th e media.

Slowing down the burn speed seems like a plausible solution but dang - 2X dvd burn? Too damn slow…

So it’s time to upgrade I guess.

Any recommendations or do I just follow the other forums and get the NEC 2500?

Don’t bail out quite yet…

I agree with OC-Freak, it’s probably the media. You probably got a bad batch or USDM has changed the recipe on you (fairly common). I’ve had a spindle of Ridata-Ritek G04 burn like that.

I blew through about 20 riteks thinking the same way as you. I burned at different speeds, different firmware, different programs, upgraded ASPI…you name it. The only thing that worked was different media. I bought jewel-cased Memorex, TDK, Fuji’s from a brick and mortar, they all worked fine right to the outer edge.

I’d check one of your old and new disks with DVDInfo to see if something has changed with this brand.

Hope this helps…

Thanks a lot for that bit of advice. I assume the DVDInfo you’re referring to is:

I will check out an older burn versus a newer one and see what’s up. Then I will go out and purchase a brand-name DVD-R and burn with that.

The saga continues…

On 105s that start to do this I’ve found that taking them apart and cleaning the lens gets rid of the problem in around 70-80% of cases… one to try :slight_smile:

Well I downloaded DVDinfo but Im not sure what it is that Im looking for. The application tells me a lot more about the drive Im using than the media inside.

Maybe Im missing something… ?

How would I go about cleaning the lens btw ?

Just take the lid off and swab the lens with a cotton bud doused in isopropyl alcohol (not enough to soak it though!!!) Be very gentle. Even the tiniest film of dirt can seriously affect writing performance … another symptom is an inability to calibrate Princo media at 4x.

Use DVDInfo to post the “media code”. I was just curious if the old (good) media was the same as new (bad) stuff. I’ve never heard of USDM media, but maybe the media code could shed some light on things.

Well I want ahead and purchased a Pioneer A07 to see if that made a difference. I also upgraded to Nero 6. Still having the same problem. My guess is it’s the media. From checking out the forums my understanding is that Taiyo Uden is the way to go.

I wonder - is there a brand of DVD-R media I can pickup at a local shop (compusa, staples, office max, circuit city etc.) to test and confirm these suspicions?

Before I invest more money into this I would love to test it with one or two locally purchaseable discs.

I do well with most 10 pack jewel case media in those places (TDK,Memorex (4x), Verbatim DLPlus, etc.). If you want to try Taiyo Yuden, look for Fuji 10 pack jewel case media that is “made in Japan”. That stuff is arguably the best out there. A close second is Maxell (also “made in Japan”). You don’t see too many negative posts when it comes to these two Japanese medium…course, they are the most expensive too.

Japanese Maxell’s (4x) are what I use with my A06. I get the best Kprobe results and they work well in my two old stingy DVD players. These two players don’t like cheap bulk media as much as my Cyberhome portable does. The problem with Maxell is there is some lesser quality media with the Maxell name floating around. So just make sure it says “made in Japan” and it’s good.

One important thing to note: every scenario is different…what works well for my system, may not work well for yours. I’ve learned this the hard way.

actually, I dont believe it is the media (although it can play a part)

Firstly, this is a problem that is pretty exclusive to the pioneer range (ao5, dvr106 etc etc)

It only occurs at the end of a burn (last 2-3 minutes of a movie)

Small glitches usually (even at lower speeds though lowering the speed helps ALOT to avoid this)

The data verifies sucessfully in nero in all these discs

So we know its not a bad burn.

What is happening is the drive playing the dvd cant read the data in time. It is seeking the data and as such we see a glitch because its taking to long to read. There is nothing wrong with the data on the drive. It just cant be processed quick enough to keep up play with the movie

I found this out because my PS2 (which I used to play dvds on) is notorious for spitting anything out that hasnt been burnt @ 1x