Pioneer A04 + Nero + DVDX = CRASH!

Does anyone have A04 and get to work with nero or dvdx ( last build 1.3 ) ?
Every time i try to record some dvd with nero ( using the last one ) , it just stops and crash the pc. With this new build of dvdx 1.3 that just use the engine of nero, some thing happen to me, when start, the total burn goes to 66 % or 100 % and i get Not Responding. :frowning: , the build 1.2 use the gear drivers, i didn´t have any probleam with it.
The only prog i use to burn dvds is Prassi works great .
Is some thing to do with the aspi drivers ?
The A04 have 1.33 Firmware and using XP

Can some help me with this PLEASE.

yes…i have nero 5.5.10,dvdxcopy1.2/1.3 and all are ok