Pioneer A04 doesn't write Nashua on 2x

Hi there,

I’ve got a pioneer a04 dvd-r writer and I just bought some nashua dvd-r media. It says it can be written at 2-speed but when I actually going to burn it only burns at 1-speed.
I’ve got the 1.40 firmware on my dvd-r drive.

Does anybody know what to do about this? Or is the 2x printed on the nashua discs just a fake?



What is the manufacturer ID?

Well let me clear things up a little , you are able to write at 2 speed on your Pioneer A04 with Nashua 2 speed discs after you installed the 2x 4all firmware.

But don’t even bother because movies tend to be malfuctioning due to the Nashua DVD-R’s (just tested this with The Mummy , I ripped the movie like always with DVD Decrypter used DVD2One and burned it with nero Burning Rom @ 2x speed onto a ViVastar DVD-RW. Which plays fine without any hanging or so.

The I thought why not burn it onto a Nashua DVD-R they are much cheaper , and I did so but now the movie keeps hanging on and on with still about 10 minutes to go.

Ithought it was a Nero compatinility problem and burned it with CopyToDVD. But the movie still keeps hanging now at a totallly different time.

So you see the media (Nashua 2 speed DVD-R’s) are somewhat faulty , and I’m currently looking for a good alternative.

Well I just got of the hook with the spokesperson from Nashua NL and he knows about this and said the following :

We have discovered that some of our DVD-R’s aren’t working properly. This was a factory error of some sort.
This is a malfunctioning disc sort to speak and isn’t caused by the Pioneer A04 drive.

If you get any bad working discs you can send them to your Nashua dealer for a refund :slight_smile:

Gotta love Nashua for their service , and low prices.