Pioneer A03 wil not burn DVD's anymore




This is for a friend who has a Pioneer.

I have a pioneer AO3 Firmware upgraded to the new 103 DVD Burner. Everything is working great on it as far as reading DVDs, reading CDs, burning CDs and RW CDs but when I go to burn a DVD it won’t burn- it tells me that there is a burn engine error sometimes if I am using Drag N Drop or it will say there was an error copying the file using the Windows XP burning software. I can’t even burn a data CD. Does anyone have any advice? This problem happens on more than one system- I pulled it to see if it was my computer or the burner itself.

Thanksin advance for any help


Sounds like its time to upgrade :slight_smile: 103 dvd burner getting on a bit


Hi, I had a problem that could be the same… My Pioneer A03 has stop to read and burn… When I insert a media (cd-r, cd-rom, dvd-rom or dvd-rw, all kinds suported) the green light is “flashing” then the orange light starts to blink.
Someone can help US?