Pioneer A03, Nero only see 1x burn?

I’m not sure what version of Nero I have, i know it’s def the 5.5 or newer that supports it.

When i try to make a data cd, it only shows 1x? why is that?
the program i got with the dvd r drive i think it’s called primo does 2x.

Its on a Windows XP Pro system

you probably have teh demo version which only supports 1x

I work with Nero 5.5.1. full version.
only works in 1x mode. I bought the thing yesterday, together with some DVD-RW.
I’m still not able to produce a correct copy (fi Twilight DVD).
After 40 or 50% it stops with an invalid block adres…
Not sure if it’s the DVD-RW.
This weekend I’ll try some other software…