Pioneer 9.4GB DVD-R Double-sided 50pk 17.49 + shipping @ meritline



use coupon code MD10203520OFF420 , NOT the one listed on the page…this one is for $20 off, the one listed in the link is for 50% off…

Now, with that out of the way…anyone have any idea what the media code on these could be? Does pioneer rebrand decent media?


I wish I could have those prices that are shipped within the UK.


I dont see any Pioneer 9.4GB DVD-R Double-sided 50pk 17.49 + shipping on Meritline site.


sorry about that, this link should work…



You can find it here:

WATCH OUT!!! - This media is for VERY limited usage - Please read the Meritline disclaimers VERY carefully-

This is NOT dual layer media!!!



bigmike: thanks for the heads up…I made a post in the meritline forums re:drive compatibility, hope they will get back soon…I want a gaurantee before I order.


can some1 please post the media ID and the scan of a burnt disc
thank you, awesome deal


They wrote me telling me discontinued.


Is it worth getting double sided media?


Sorry everyone, this was a dud deal. I FINALLY got my order cancellation notice from them, unfortunately I had to email them to find out my order was cancelled. I still haven’t figured out if they charged my credit card, but I won’t be recommending meritline to anyone in the future. Their service stinks, and this “deal” reeks of blatant bait-and-switch.

My apologies to everyone.

If I could lock this thread, I would. Perhaps a mod will come along and lock it for me.


Perhaps it is a lame attempt trying to attract more customers? Who knows.