Pioneer 810H DVD Drive Replacement

The DVD on my Pioneer 810H (TIVO) quit working.

The model on the drive is DVR-105-XA Do you know of any places that sell this model?

Same problem here. My 810 is set to boot first from the DVR (who knows why?) so I had to disconnect DVR power cable to allow boot sequence to go to hard drive. Now I have the Tivo working but no DVR. Did you have any luck finding a replacement? Another question I have is how do you get the DVR out of the 810? I have the whole face off the unit, with DVR attached, but I can’t figure out how to pop that sucker free.

Progress of sorts: I found access to the mechanical release on the face of the unit, and was able to open the DVR, remove the bad disk that caused the reboot problem, remove the front piece on the DVR tray, and remove the DVR itself. The DVR still will not record and the Tivo software freezes when this happens, forcing reboot.
So the basic question is still: Where can I (we) order the drive DVR-105-XA?


PurpleRiver here. I have two Pioneer DVR-57h units. One of my units is in need of a new DVD drive. The one it has is model DVR-105-xa. I’VE FOUND A SOURCE. At least they had 5, now they have 4 (the one that is gone IS MINE). They said this has the firmware flash for TIVO and although I found it on eBay for $80 (the auction is over) looks like they sell regular-$95, and they are NEW! I have not received mine yet but they said it will work. Like I said, mine is a DVR-105-xa but these "Pioneer Humax Toshiba DVR109-JA Replacement DVD Burner " are flashed for TIVO. Their website says “This replacement DVD burner will work on the following Tivo Models: Humax DRT400, Humax DRT800, Toshiba RS-TX20 and Pioneer DVR810 H-S.”

I called their number 1-800-cordless (800-267-3537) and they said it will work in my DVR-57h units. They have 4 left but they said they should get more from time to time. or for the drive:

I hope this helps (and I really hope they have more when I need one for my other unit some day). :smiley: