Pioneer 720 and Verbatim blank discs



I own a Pioneer 720 dvd recorder and when recording a concert I had filmed found that it took 8 minutes + finalisation time to copy using Verbatim 8x discs, but when I went to copy the same concert with a Verbatim 16x disc I found that it was going to take 14 minutes + finalisation time. Can anyone throw any light on why this should be or better still be of any help to me.
thanks in anticipation


Perhaps your Pioneer 720 recognizes the Verbatim 8x media and burns it at rated speed (8x) whereas it doesn’t recognize the Verbatim 16x media and only burns it at minimum speed (4x)?


Sorry I should have mentioned in my first post that thePioneer 720 is capable of writing at up to 48x. :bow: :Z


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This is not true in the way you think, it is more of a marketing statement. :wink:

The Pioneer’s supposed 48x High-speed copying is calculated as the maximum attained video speed when you burn an EP encoded 6-hour video sequence to DVD. Since the normal 1x DVD writing speed is based on a 1-hour video sequence, this means that the writer’s 8x speed is multiplied by a factor of 6 - i.e. “48x” in marketing speak.

The real maximum writing speed of the Pioneer 720 is 8x which means that it is optimized for up to 8x media. The newer 16x media is probably not known by the writer’s firmware, and the writer will then burn it at a default or “safe” speed, which in your case seems to be 4x (calculated from the 14min + lead-out you mentioned).