Pioneer 710 software

Can someone confirm if this retail drive includes the Ulead MovieFactory software. It seems that from the Pioneer 710 website, the drive comes with Nero Suite only.
When I look at the Asus 1608P3S review, the software is included.
I need the software to do some mpeg2 editing from a DVD camcorder.

It may be possible that Asus chose to bundle other (aka more) software with their rebrand :slight_smile:
If you want to take the risk you could buy the Asus and try to crossflash. (Note that you’ll lose your warranty though, if it’s worth the movie factory software.)

I’ll take the risk. The way I look at it…I’m paying for the software that comes with a free DVD burner :slight_smile: (considering the software alone cost about the same as the retail drive.)

I bought 2 Pio DVR-710 when they were on sale with $15 MIR at Fry’s. I can confirm that only Nero “Essentials” 7 (NOT “Express”) is included. Don’t ask me what the differences are between Essentials and Express. I already have the full original version of Nero Burning ROM 7 and won’t bother testing those.

In your case, I would take evilboy’s advice and get Asus instead – if it’s worth the money. Keep in mind that the ULead version could be crippled/downsized/lite ;).

Hope this helps.


Nero Essentials does not include any video support. Which means no Recode or Burning Rom.

Thanks for the clarifications.
So Assus buys the burner from Pioneer and bundles it with better software and sells it cheaper?

Dude, why d’you still ask? Just buy it, have fun with it, and report back :bigsmile: .