Pioneer 710 AKA 111D Flashed to 111L Question

Hey guys,
This forum has provided a lot of useful information but I think I am missing something so here goes. I have a pioneer DVR-111D flashed to 111L firmware 8.19 (INT). Applied the MCSE to 111L 8.29 (INT) and applied that to the drive. All this worked. The drive is plugged in an external firewire enclosure. My IDE settings are : Primary, device 0 UDMA 5, nothing at device 1. Secondary, device 0, UDMA 2 device 1 UDMA 5. The pioneer is connected using an 80 wire FRC in the enclosure.

This is a laptop setup, and I am trying to backup my DVD’s. I have tried both, external drive and internal drives and it takes 30 minutes to grab 1 DVD. I am stumped. Any ideas?

One more thing. Why does the leadin take around 1 minute?


Hello. Try flashing the 8.29 Ext firmware because you say drive is plugged in an [B]ext[/B]ernal firewire enclosure…

Also check the DMA…

You usually cannot flash firewire as most is 4 wire and 6 wire is required to flash. Try USB or swap it into an IDE connection for the flash.

Also you will need to use the MCSE software to unlock the riplock. The Buffalo firmware adds it back in.