Pioneer 575a unofficial firmwares overview wanted

But first the official bit :wink:

I have official 2.09 firmware at present, is it right that there is an official 2.10 and what does that add ?
Do the unofficial versions load over both of these official firmwares or are they official version specific ?

In addition to video dvds my priority is to play as many different file types burnt on data discs from my pc as possible, do these unofficial firmwares help with this ?

Menu and button function tweaks are fine, but secondary, also I don’t have any special audio equipment other than stereo - i listen on headphones mostly.

Lastly which author and which version is the most stable ?


ps I have just acquired the 575a and haven’t yet had time to establish exactly what it will and won’t play.

Perhaps it would have been better to have posted this in the pioneer section ?

I went ahead and loaded this one.

If there is a later or better version perhaps someone would say so
there’s no dates for the files on mtz’s site.

On first impressions I like the longer filenames in the mpeg-4 menu
i’ll explore more later.

Actually there is still a dispute whether ver. 2.10, that is available on one official site of Pioneer, is original or not. According to some who have tested there is no any significant difference compared to ver. 2.09.

MTZ makes very good firmware, maybe one of the best.

My personal view:

  1. I use only official firmware, despite my respect for MTZ firmware (that I have tried of course, but not with my Pioneer, only with my previously used Philips).

  2. Nobody confirmed that ver. 2.10 is an official, original release. So, I would avoid it, especially if you are not facing any problems.

Thanks for the feedback and clearing up the 2.10 issue alex I’ll leave it alone.

Maybe I’ve missed it but I don’t see a way in either the official or unofficial firmwares to jump to specific data files, other than to laboriously keep scrolling down the long long list of small sized mpgs which I have on some discs without being dividing up into folders ?