Pioneer 563 and Panasonic E80 won't play 5001 discs

I’m trying to figure out why two of my standalones (Pioneer and Panasonic) refuse to play discs burned in the 5001. Anyone have this problem? Is it the format the Liteon burns in? The menus? Both decks play most all other +R and -r but not these Liteon discs. …

Get yourself a Philips DVP 520. It plays EVERYTHING that you could care to throw at it! Including DVD+RW created on the 5005. It is a great little player.

Slightly more helpful info would include that the 5005 records in +VR mode which not all players recognize or play. Transcode on your dvds on your computer to dvd-video and your standalones will play them.

I have both of those units and as far as the 563 goes as long as the disk is recorded in a normal mode, is finalized, and isn’t just nothing but errors it will play it. The Panny will play most minus, but only plays plus that has been bitset to dvd-rom.
The 563 is one of the most forgiving machines I have as far as playing crap burns others choke on.

I know this may sound stupid but did you remember to finalize the discs? What type of media are you using?

i think the reply regarding the +VR discs is the one that fits the bill here. what is the best freeware to transcode from +VR to DVD-VIDEO?

I use DVD+RW’s and they work great! I purchased them @ Wal-mart and they are on the Liteon approved list! RICOHJPN-W11. If I want to save something then I pop them in the computer, edit in NeroVision Express3 and burn to a +/-R in DVD-Video format. I have 3 DVD players from old to new and they all play the DVD+RW’s fine and they aren’t finalized naturally!

I already know that pioneer don’t play 5005 or 5006 0r 5045 disks. What be liteon doing to solve the problem? Has anybody asked–lets all ask --one million or so should make them awake to the situation.

Not ALL Pios play 5005 discs. My Pioneer 563A doesn’t. Maybe newer ones do but with the 563A, I understand that early versions didn’t do +VR but later versions did. There appears to be a firmware upgrade, that can only be had at an official Pioneer service center, that will solve the issue.

I know pionner doesn’t Email liteon a million times and they might pay attention–sorry for the confusion–I forgot the word “doesn’t”

@hobbes4444 to change the 5001 +VR to dvd video use nero if you have it. If you have to drag the video_ts folder to your dektop then use nero to burn it. It’ll come out DVD-Video. Sorry don’t know of a freeware program. I use the free Nero OEM to do it, if necessary like when I use a -R DVD in my 5005A and my buddies machine only reads +R.