Pioneer 520HS or Sony VX500?



I am about to purchase a stand alone dvd recorder. Which dvd recorder is better? The Pioneer 520HS or Sony VX500? It doesn’t mentioned anything about playing dvd+r media on the pioneer. Does anyone know if this is true? Those of you that own these products please give me you opinion as I would like to buy the recorder within a week.



Here some user opinions about Pioneer:


I just broke my Sony unit yesterday! Piece of crap is what it was!!! Slow to use, lots of failed writes when recording from tv, and a crummy interface for firewire recording from dv. Anything’s gotta be better than a Sony!!!
As for me, I’m now gonna try replacing the burner inside with a better unit. Luckily, Sony equips their unit with a standard NEC ND-2500A burner, minus the volume thumbwheel and headphone jack on the front! Gonna be trying an NEC ND-3520A burner to see if it actually performs better than it did.

What really burns me up about this unit is that it was only 4 months old and hadn’t seen more than 15 dvd’s through it! When I want to record a special show, I don’t want to be worried if the unit will make it through or eject the dvd before its done! It’s very aggravating to know you’ve missed your chance of recording a live show just because your burner sucks…


Chris answered your question. Sony is picky (media) and has a lot of problems usually.