Pioneer 510H-S disc problems

Can somebody please help me on what DVD discs inc X speed I can use on a Pioneer 510H-S DVR. I have tried all sorts of DVD media but it just keeps spiting it out…the manual says
DVD-RW version 1.1 /2x and DVD-R version 2.0 x 4 but these are hard to find now that the machine is getting outdated. I would like somebody to tell me what discs and x speed work in this machine please.I have tried Intialising but it says this fuction is unavailable!
I am trying to use DVD_RW Verbatim 4x version 1.2 datalife.
I am using also DVD-R 8x version 2. Or has the burner gone belly up…if so is it worth getting it replaced or buy a replacement? any advice on a replacement would be appreciated but if I can repair great!
I also heard that putting in differing x speed dics can damage your burner? anyway I can test to see if damaged?

The HD is perfect

Thanks to anybody that replies.


I am having the exact same problem on my Pioneer DVD 510h. I am hoping this is a disc X speed causing the issue versus a bad DVD burner. If you find the answer to this please post an answer. Thx

Why not just buy a new burner as they only cost around $33 from newegg or meritline

Unfortunately the Pioneer DVR-510H-S DVD Recorder is a self-contained stand-alone desktop device and is not a Computer DVD device. The Pioneer DVD Burner Forum is for Computer DVD devices. You posting problem would be more appropriately handled in the Pioneer DVD Recorder and Player Forum (


Thanks bjkg I thought they had an old old pio burner, sorry

Moved to the “Pioneer DVD Recorder and Player” forum. :wink:

Only 1x and 2x DVD-RW will work.

Inside is a Pioneer 106DX.

I´ve tried the drive in my PC, but it was not detected by the bios or in windows.

replacing the drive with a Pio 106, Pio 109/111/112 failed.

A LiteOn 165P6S was working. but writing with speeds higher than 2x was unable. the drive is able to recognize the disc (with oiginal drive it will be rejected), but der recorder freezes while recording.

So i tryed to slowdown the writespeed via MCSE for my 4x RW´s. that was working good, but the Recorder hangs up after inserting DVD DL´s (for playing).

So I´m still using my old scatched RW´s in the original drive :sad:

16x DVD-R will work.

Be carefull: For drivereplacment u´ll need the pioneer service DVD and a spezial pioneer remote control. If u replace the drive without having it, you DVD-Recorder will be unusable.

look at the link, it´s the same for your drive.

Hi all.

I am having the same problem.
I have got hold of a Service Manual, but it refers to a service remote.

I am thinking of replacing the DVD player/recorder.

Will I run into any issues if I do?