Pioneer 500m trasfer rate

good morning to all.
this is my first post,

i have a problem with my pioneer when i try to read a dvd for backup to hd.

when i try my trasfer rate is at 2x and i copy my dvd to hd in 45 min…

how to resolve this problem.

i tried to reistall periferic but nothing :frowning:

help me please.

I think this DVDROM has a so called riplimit. For a lot of DVD drives there are modded firmwares available to remove this riplimit. Unfortunately, I can’t find such a firmware for your drive.

You may want to contact this guy to see if he can help you out, as he is the one who made another modded firmware for your drive (regio code unlock). That’s the best I can help you I’m afraid…

Is DMA enabled?

yes, DMA is enabled :frowning: