[Pioneer 219L] No Seek Complete errors

hello everyone

i used this as a burner on my old system and another (IDE) drive as a reader.
on my new system i wanted to use the 219L as a read/writer.
two DVD’s failed to rip today on it. both giving me “No Seek Complete” errors.
firmware 1.02 and the newer(?) 1.01 both gave the same result.
no joy with SmartRipper, or DVDFab as well.

is there any fix or hope for this drive or should i replace it?
if i should replace it, what is a good SATA ripper for CD/Blueray/DVD that can burn DVD DL?

thanks for reading

Did you try another disc? And did you try that particular disc in another drive?
It’s either a failing device, or a bad disc.

yes tried two disks. they rip no problem on my old machine with the IDE drive.
i’ve ripped DL disks successfully with the 219L before. it refuses to work with these.