Pioneer 216DBK book type

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I would require some assistance with Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-216D(BK). Recently my old LiteOn died and I was forced to get a new recorder. And that’s where the problem lies. The LiteOn had the ability to change book type i.e. bit setting while my new recorder can’t change the book type of DVD+R media (if I’m not wrong the recorder changes the booktype for +R DL automatically). I have been browsing this forum for a solution and I have tweaked my firmware with MediaCodeSpeedEdit but it doesn’t seam to have any effect. Do I have to adjust something even further? Maybe in my burning software?

Here is some additional information that might help you. I have used Verbatim +R MCC-004-00 discs. The firmware that I tweaked was 1.09. I have used both Nero and ImgBurn in attempt to burn the discs.

Uhm, I think it all explained in the stickies.

Not only should you be able to bitset (temporal) via software.
Using MCSE (check the “enable bitsetting” box ) then save.
Should give permanent setting to Pioneer.

I have checked the enable bitsetting box and on the other file I have enabled same to same flashing and updated my firmware. It still doesn’t change the book type on my DVD’s.

Here is a link to patched firmware that works.

I assume that you realise that you need to burn a + blank disc, before you can see the results of bitsetting.

Also, what are you using to check whether or not the disc has been bitset?

@ SelfTaughtPrimate,

Unfortunately you are mistaken. If you correctly applied the Media Code Speed Edit “Enable Bitsetting” patch to your Pioneer DVR-216D Firmware your Pioneer DVR-216D is in fact automatically Book Type bitsetting DVD+R SL/DL Media to DVD-ROM during the Media burning process.

If closely look at your Pioneer DVR-216D Burned DVD+R SL/DL Media the “Media Type” of the Burned Media will be DVD+R SL/DL but the “Book Type” will be DVD-ROM.


Hi im a newbie here, and a noob anyway. Before I found this forum I’d wasted 5 DVD DL, just for the sake of backing up my 360 games. Ok straight to the point, will ask some question, hope gurus in this forum will help.

  1. If im not mistaken when I brought the pioneer 216 there’s no driver inside as is just PnP. So how am I gonna know what version am I now?

  2. I’d download v1.06 firmware. How do I flash it?

  3. I was trying IMGBurn and DVDEncrypter to burn the backup but it gets me 5 Dual Layer for me to know that I need to booksetting the drive to DVD-ROM. But both of the program doesn’t recognize Pioneer drive.

  4. I was trying to use MediaCodeSpeedEdit to edit the v1.06 firmware and flash it. But there’s no selection for Pioneer?



Last firmware for 216D is 1.09. If you are using Pioneer stock flasher, just double click and follow the instructions :wink:
You can also use DVRflash.

If you need DVD-ROM booktype (isn’t it automatic for DL ???), than if mediacodespeededit patch doesn’t work (I don’t know :confused: ), you may have to crossflash your Pioneer to 216 or 216L (S16J). Last S16J firmware is 1.10.

Edit : thread is about 216[B]D[/B], what about yours ? 216D, 216, 216L ?

sorry mine was 216 and NO! It doesn’t auto book type my driver.

Can you recommend any file/program for me to use and to flash? Any tuts available? Im a total noob in flashing driver. I don’t want to waste anymore Dual Layer and my cash.

Dvrflash is the tool to use :slight_smile:
Tut in readme file, or here

If you wan’t to try crossflashing, you’ll need 216L (S16J) kernel file too, have a look here

is cross flash recommended? I just wanted to back my 360 games with the booktype setting on it so it can produce DVD-ROM instead of my five wasted DVD+R RW profile.

It is strange that 216 do not allows booktype settings ???
Maybe ask in the Pioneer firmware thread.

What dvd are you using (brand, etc…) ?

4 verbatim and 1 imation. Does it related to the booktype setting? I thought is my drive? Maybe I didn’t update? How to update and check my firmware?

Nope, just to e sure you are using reliable medias (forget Imation IMO)
If you want, just download official Pioneer 1.09 firmware for DVR-216, and try, if firmware is already up to date, it won’t flash.

can i try with 1.06? I downloaded the file but not too sure how to? Do i need to go to DOS and execute?

Why not imation, is quite famous in my country.

+R DL disks are automatically booktyped to DVD-ROM. To autobooktype +R SL you need to patch the firmware with MCSE and flash it.
If you really used +R DL disks, you must have a different problem.

[QUOTE=ala42;2500252]+R DL disks are automatically booktyped to DVD-ROM. To autobooktype +R SL you need to patch the firmware with MCSE and flash it.
If you really used +R DL disks, you must have a different problem.[/QUOTE]

Yea I was trying to use that and patch it to update my firmware, since I’m a noob I really not sure how to use that program and which segment to check and patch as I afraid that I will damage my burner.

Would really appreciate your help since you’re the creator of the program. I think you’re a god. Mine was a Pioneer DVR 216. Would like to have a tut like this here

Once again: +R DL disks are automatically booktyped to DVD-ROM using the original firmware.

ok i’m trying to update the firmware, but when i downloaded and try to execute is written there cannot find target. What happen?