Pioneer 216d vs 215d

Pioneer 215d vs 216d

I am building a new rig and want to know the difference between this 2 drive?

Right now i have a LG gdr-8163b ( for read )and it slowly dying and a LG gsa-4163b ( for burn ).

I copy a lot of movie with dvdfab platinum,copy dvd speed of 4x for quality.higher speed tend to have problem with low quality dvd player.

Planing to buy 2 but witch one?


Both very good choices, the DVR-215(d) has the more mature firmware, and therefore the better burn quality with a variety of media. For now that is, since it’s usually just a matter of time until Pioneer provides firmware updates.

Can’t go wrong with either of them, I have the DVR-215 myself, and can highly recommend it. If you can still find it for a good price, it would be my personal first choice.

get one from pioneer

i only use two applications for my backups

dvdfab with my lite-on 20A1P for ripping

and imgburn with my pioneer 115d for burning. :slight_smile:

Thanks guy for reply,i will probably buy a 216d and wait for the firmware to mature,i only copy dvd so it myth do the job ok and must be reliable.

Pioneer is the one i thrust in my expensive home theater and car audio system so it must bee good for dvd ripping and burning.