Pioneer 216d or optiarc 7200s? which one is better for audio burning


its time for me to get a new dvd burner and after doing some research ive narrowed my choice to 2 sata drives:

  1. pioneer 216D
  2. optiarc 7200S

Absolute prority is quality of audio cd burning cos this is exactly what i mainly use my burner for. speed doesnt matter - i burn at 16x and media i use is verbatim azo. btw whats the minimal speed those drives can burn cds at? i cant find that info nowhere… anyway ill be really grateful for any feedback helping me to make a right choice. thanks.

Did you do any research on the AD-7240S or the DVR-217D? Those are newer models you might want to consider. In any event, if it’s a choice between the two you listed, I’d go with the Optiarc.

I’d go with pioneer, my car’s stock cd player reads discs written only with pioneer dvdrws and lite-on cd-rws.

unfortunately 217d and AD-7240S are still not avaiable here in europe at least not in my country (poland) and im not sure if there is any point in waiting for them to show up. i checked quality scans here and they dont show any major improvement compared to 216d and 7200s.

i’m trying to decide between 216d and 7200s too. Finally, i wii go for optiarc 7200s, i have been reading posts with good results, and experiencied users recommends too.

and i think ill go for the pata version. ive read here that ppl are having issues with sata drives and nforce4 chipsets which currently sits in my rig.