Pioneer 215D imgburn errors and more

Hi all.

I have the Pioneer 215D DVD-R SATA drive.

This is connected using PU-102 from Sweex.

This is a 2 port serial ATA PCI card, using the Silicon Image 3512 chipset.

Yes it does DMA.

I am having errors and bad disk scans with TY02 which is good medium.

Imgburn is giving me errors while burning, one after the another, some for each burn. They are retry errors. All are like this one, but with different sector number range :

W 07:00:22 Failed to Write Sectors 8768 - 8799 - Reason: Unknown (0xA8, 0x03)

And sometimes :

W 07:00:22 Retry Failed - Reason: Unknown (0xA8, 0x03)

The Retry failed errors are new, or I believe, this is after I downgraded the drive’s firmware from 1.19 to 1.18.

And now I can’t locate the 1.19 firmware, to download and firmware back.

The Reason: Unknown (0xA8, 0x03) errors, where as well before the firmware downgrade and that is with good medium.

The Sweex SATA PCI card if one version bios before than the latest one, that is 4.3.83. The latest bios on Silicon Image webpage is 4.3.84. I won’t do this, because nothing is on the Sweex’s webpage bios section of the card, and yes drivers get updated. Maybe there is no reason for it, or it can’t be done with the Silicon Image tools.

Anyone knows these Imgburn errors?

Which firmware is neeeded and can revert the 215D back to 1.19? From what I have understood it is not a specific 215D firmware?

Please help

im not familiar with your drive setup so i cant be of help in that area. :frowning:

i have no idea what the errors codes are. :frowning:

you can not upgrade to 1.19 firmware as it has not been publicly released and there is no method to extract pioneer firmwares. :frowning:

sorry. as cheap as drives are you might just try a new one.

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