Pioneer 212D Slow Burns

I recently bought this burner and installed it, but for some reason I can’t get
it to burn faster then 3.2x. My motherboard is K8M800-M2 and I’m using

Taiyo Yuden 8x DVDs. Also, I’m using imgburn to create the DVDs, and am

setting it to 8x. I’ve read that some motherboards aren’t compatible with

SATA optical drives…could this be the case in my situation? I’m a complete

noob, so if you need more information just ask.

@ rimmonhouse,

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Have you ensured that your SATA ports are correctly configured for optical devices?

What is the Chipset of your SATA controller?


I ran CPU-Z, and it said the chipset is “K8M400 (VT8380)”.

@ rimmonhouse,

Have you ensured that the SATA port your DVR-212D drive is connected to is correctly configured for an optical device?

Have you ensured that you have the newest most current up to date SATA ChipSet controller drivers installed?


Hello. Please check DMA for that drive.

Okay…here’s when my newbiness starts to get annoying…how do I

configure the SATA properly for an optical drive? I have sata cord going from

the motherboard to the optical drive, and I use a Sata power adapter for

the power…there’s also pins at the back, but nothing is plugged into them.

What’s DMA? and how do I figure out what it is?

Check or use Search to find out more…

Okay, I checked the DMA and it says “Ultra DMA mode 6”

I think UltraDMA 6 is for the Hard Drive. I do not have a SATA DVD Recorder but i think they cannot use DMA 6. Check IDE channels if PIO appears… Try burning with another dvd brand… you might be using fake Taiyo Yudens and the Pioneer does not like that…

The other IDE channel says “Multi-word DMA mode 2”

ImgBurn says the discs are TYG02, and I’ve been able to burn them faster on other drives.

Ok. As bjkg said you must update the SATA chipset controller… go to the motherboard site and update it…

Is this your motherboard? You must know who is the manufacturer…

Check this:

Okay, I’ve downloaded the file, but I’m not sure how to install it. (I know, I’m painfully stupid)

And yes, that’s my motherboard.

I dont know either… :):):slight_smile:

I have downloaded the file and you must decompress it and go to the RAID controller and update the driver…

And nobody is stupid…

Folder i386 is for windows i think…

No luck…installed the drivers, but the computer wouldn’t boot, so I just system restored. I’m thinking now it might be the PSU…is that possible? I don’t know anymore, I’m thinking I’ll just return the drive.

Oooohhh… Try the BIOS for SATA options…

Your VIA chipset doesn’t like optical drives, it’s not going to work with standard Windows drivers. If you can’t get it to work with VIA’s Hyperion Pro or Falcon IDE drivers, your options are to exchange it for an IDE version or to install a SATA PCI-card (Silicon Image chipset).

Thank you! and thanks to everyone else who tried to help…I’m going to go try those two drivers right now, and if they don’t work I’ll look into getting a SATA PCI-card…Silicon Image chipset is the way to go?

Okay, so I installed the Hyperion drivers and my SATA harddrive is working great, but now I can’t see my DVD drive? Suggestions?

Pioneers are notoriously difficult as they are apparently native SATA and don’t get along well with legacy controllers. I highly doubt you’ll get it to work with the VIA drivers, but it’s always worth a shot. Do you have any SATA options in the BIOS (RAID mode must be off for example).

Limited options in the bios…I can only switch it from regular SATA to RAID, and RAID mode is already turned off. So you don’t think either of the VIA drivers will work? Bogus!