Pioneer 212D Read Disc Quality Problems

I just bought a Pioneer 212D and it’s burning both DVD-R and CD-Rs fine. When I test the Disc Quality using Nero CD/DVD Speed scanning using a LiteON SHM-165H6S, the results are excellent. However, when I try using the Pioneer 212D drive that burnt the discs to do the scan, I’m getting very bad results. For CD-Rs, I would lots of C1 and C2 errors, and DVD-Rs, lots of PI and PIF. Can anyone explain this to me? Has anyone tried to do any scans using the Pioneer 212D? Furthermore, when I have the Pioneer 212D selected to do the scan for a DVD, I cannot select any speeds except MAX or 8X – does anyone know why? Thanks for any help at all.

Here are some possibly relevant information about my system:
Core2 Duo

Thanks again.

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Although Pioneer DVD Burners are in fact able to perform Disk Quality Scans they are not noted for revealing acceptable results. I would put more faith in the Disk Quality Scans results obtained by your LiteON SHM-165H6S. In short Pioneer DVD Burners are poor Scanners.


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But the difference in results is extreme. Could pioneer drives be THAT bad?

For instance, with the same disc, the LiteON SHM-165H6S would get values:
PI errors
Maximum: 9
Average: 1.12
Total: 18227
PI failures
Maximum: 2
Average: 0.00
Total: 194

while the Pioneer 212D would get values:
PI errors
Maximum: 61
Average: 24.96
Total: 407227
PI failures
Maximum: 2
Average: 0.00
Total: 168

Is this drastic difference normal???

As bjkg mentioned, Pioneer drives are not noted for quality scans. I recommend you stick to the LITE-ON for scans.

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I agree with bjkg and SithTracy. :iagree:
I wouldn’t use a Pioneer drive for scanning unless I had no other option, because they are simply not reliable scanners.

I’d stick with your LiteOn drive for scanning DVDs.

For scanning CDs I’d look for some other drive because neither the Pioneer DVD burners nor LiteOn DVD burners are good for CD scanning; the Pioneer drives show random/phantom C1/C2 spikes, and LiteOn DVD burners don’t show all C1 errors (only E31 instead of E11+E21+E31). Of the two I’d probably choose the LiteOn because it’s at least consistent although far too optimistic.

Thanks everyone for the information. I’m glad that that the Pioneer in general just isn’t good for scans, and it’s not that my specific drive is faulty or anything. I will just leave the Pioneer for all the burns and my LiteON for the scans as everyone has recommended.

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I have the same situation with a Pioneer 110d and a Plextor 760.
As you can see the big difference is in the PIE , normally Pioneer indicates a bigger value than Plextor…in my experience Pioneer on Verbatime arrives also at 200 PIE of average but the DVD is perfectly redeable by any DVD stand-alone player, in these cases Plextor indicates about 20-30 PIE.

PIF is more important and Pioneer is more accurate…put your attention at these value and ignore PIE.


Yes, PIF is the more important of the two, and no the Pioneer is certainly not the more accurate!

Pioneer themselves say that PIE/PIF scans on Pioneer drives are not reporting the correct numbers and they should know. They have also asked Erik Deppe (author of CDSpeed) to remove support for Disc Quality scanning in Nero CD-DVD Speed on Pioneer drives and this has been done in CDSpeed

In my case (DVR-212) scanning cd’s seems to be total nonsense but scanning dvd’s seems to be not too far off the scans of a Benq 1640 (which should be one of the better scanners).

Even though a tad bit old I thought I would point out that I have the same burner and its actually NOT supported by CDSpeed/DriverSpeed. My plextor had the same issue. I did however find for making backups of my original games that my lightscribe BenQ drive was horrible, never could I extract a bwa for a securom title. This is proubly just software related but the pioneer at least does decent physical characteristics dumps with acceptable quality.

Screenshot of unsupported Pioneer for disc quality scan only:

It is not supported and it would make no sense anyway, pioneer drives are unreliable for scanning…

Pioneer asked the author to disable scanning support for this program. So blame Pioneer.

Brad already explained why…