Pioneer 212D is dying?

Ok, well, I have Pioneer 212D and I bought it 'bout 1 year ago. Suddenly it started to show some problems during the work. First of all, little scratched MS Office 2003 disc couldn’t be read, then it became very slow and after 2 failed-burning discs I came here to ask for help. One more thing, I’ve opened Pioneer and cleaned it’s lens and all the dirt inside, and still no improvements.

I guess it’s time for an upgrade? :frowning:

If answer is YES, I’d like you to suggest me best buy sollution, I wanna be careless this time at least for one more year (and quality matters too, ofcourse). I live in Serbia, so I was thinking about Samsung 223F, but I didn’t saw many positive comments about that DVD-RW on your forum. I’d rather buy 203B, but there’s none of it in the markets.

Thank you in advance, cdfreaks. :slight_smile:

Just to say that I bought Samsung 223F.