Pioneer 212bk on USB2

I have a Pionneer 212BK and its connected to my laptop using a USB2 to SATA interface.

I have a SH-203B that I also use using the adapter.

I have tried burning 2 single layer dvds at 8x using the Pionneer, the first was a MCC 004 and the second a MCC 03RG20. The burn quality at 8x on the MCC 004 had pif spikes of around 500 when scanned with the SH-203B and the MCC 03RG20 was that bad that it wont read in my SH-203B or my Xbox 360.

Weirdly though I burnt a dual layer disc at 2.4x earlier on some really cheap dual layers and the burn quality was around 85.

I bought the pionneer just basically so I had backup drive so I could use one for one type of media and one for another.

Do I have a defective unit or is there a weird problem with running this on a USB2 interface.

I am only asking because I will get my money back if there are known issues.

Thank you for you help.

Please post a quality scanning screenshot.

But the main problems are the enclosure chipsets!

My sata chipset seems to be fine with my sh-303b but my pioneer speeds up and then slows down random throughout the burn.

Is there a recommended usb2 to sata option?

Because I only have a laptop.

The chipset inside the enclosure counts.

Maybe you could update its firmware.

I decided too just stick with my sh-203b. I am just gonna return it, the company are usually fine with returns.

Shame really because this is suppost to be a great drive.